Dinosaur Boy

Hidden in water reeds near their home, Maxy and Dan find a huge egg covered in strange markings. They hide it and keep it safe, hoping that it will hatch.

And it does!

Out comes a scared and gentle little creature, half human, half reptile. Growing fast, he becomes Dinosaur Boy, clever and friendly but desperately lonely, sent to Earth from a distant, dying planet. He tells the children of a second egg and they search for it everywhere, protecting him as best they can from danger.

Only luck, daring and the kindness of strangers can save them.

For ages 9 and over.

Age Range: 8+
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: ‘B’paperback
Pages: 208
Word Count: 29,000
Published: 2010
ISBN: 978-0-955096-7-4
RRP: £5.99

Cover of Dinosaur Boy


Maxy took a deep breath and knelt down close to the egg baby. She feared it might smell horrid, and indeed there was a smell, but it was not too bad, a bit like wet grass in early morning.

  • Extract: Confrontation

    Extract: Confrontation

    All at once, the great loneliness and fear DB felt welled up inside, and an anger too, that this should happen to him. He was alone and threatened, he was in pain, tired and being challenged and it was all just too much. He couldn’t run, so he roared, a deep and howling roar that made Mick’s blood run cold.

    DB’s body tensed, his coat fell of his shoulder and his hood from his head. He ripped off his hat and stood there before the petrified Mick Heathley who stared for a moment at the creature, imagining his own imminent destruction, to be eaten alive, then he turned and ran hell for leather, never turning back to see if he was being followed.
    Of course, DB didn’t follow. He acted instinctively too and dived into the canal!

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    I have just finished Dinosaur Boy and I was so sad that I had completed it! I loved this story and it is the best book I have ever read. It was so good I didn’t want to put it down for one second! Never stop writing!

    Connie Lidgett