Locked in their castle home as a battle rages around them, Tigreus and Clara know that their lives are about to change. Beyond measured miles away, Michelle fights to keep her family together after the death of their mother, whilst all their father can do is write stories that no one reads. Except one remarkable wheelchair-bound boy whose head and heart are full of other stories, told to him by his beautiful carer.

Storyline is about truth and lies, the real world and the made-up world. Intense and brief as it is, its theme is everlasting.

Recommended ages 12 and above.

Age Range: 12+
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: ‘B’ paperback
Pages: 176
Word Count: 40,500
Published: October 2015
ISBN: 978-1-908577-47-4
RRP: UK £5.99

Cover of Storyline


All stories are real and everything that’s real is a story. I can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.

  • Extract: Caught

    Extract: Caught

    The tip of a sword pricked the nape of his neck. Tigreus froze. He had hardly time to squeeze through the exit of the tunnel when he found himself pinned to the ground by a foot on his spine and a sword point to his neck.
    “Like a scared rabbit,” someone laughed.
    “I’m not scared,” Tigreus hissed. “Let me stand and fight and you’ll see I’m not.”
    Voices mimicked his bravado, humiliating him. Tigreus glimpsed soldiers’ costumes from the corner of his eye, about five of them. Behind him, in the tunnel, Clara lay still, but a face peered into the exit hole directly at her.
    “Hello, my lady,” the soldier said. “Are you going to stay there all day?”