Cabinet of Wonders

CoW: Philip's StoryPhilip receives a mysterious Christmas gift in the most mysterious of ways. Will he understand how to use it and learn to be happy again? ISBN 978-1-908577-50-4 (formerly 978-0-9555096-8-1). RRP £4.99. For Ages 11+. Published March 2016

CoW: Lisi's StoryA refugee of war, clever Lisi is lonely in her new life, but she gets to meet someone cleverer and lonelier than her. Can they help each other? ISBN 978-1-908577-53-5 (formerly 978-0-9566342-0-7). RRP £4.99. For Ages 11+. Published March 2016

CoW: Louey's StoryTroubled Louey hears sounds that no one else hears until a discovery leads him to young Hildegard of Bingham. Can she teach him the meaning of music? ISBN 978-1-908577-56-6. RRP £4.99. For Ages 11+. Published March 2016

Into the lives of three troubled children comes a mysterious cabinet filled with intricate pieces of a puzzle, like life itself. The Cabinet of Wonders is a series of three books, each of which stand alone but which may also be bought together as a challenging trilogy for capapble and thoughtful readers aged 11 and over. The first two were previously published six years ago under different titles but have been revised and updated here. The complete series may be bought in a neat slipcase (limited numbers): isbn 978-1-908577-59-7 RRP £12.99. Published March 2016.

Newsletter Issue 18 : January 2016

It’s almost like the water isn’t there, it’s so clear! You can see the river bed, can’t you? Look at the pebbles! I learned to swim there when I was little, didn’t I, Maxim? See, I told you!

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Nomination of Wonders

ImageBrunt Boggart is a wonderfully poetic first novel by Liverpool based writer David Greygoose. A stunning work of sustained imagination for young and old. ISBN 978-1-908577-44-3. RRP £8.99. Planned release in e-formats late October 2015.

NOMINATIONS were recently made for the 2016 Carnegie Medal and Brunt Boggart has been selected. It is worth looking through the list as Dave is amongst an elite company of authors and publishing houses. Many congratulations. The longlist is made in February, and even if we go no further, this is a wonderful validation of good writing and good intention.

Image Storyline
isbn: 978-1-908577-43-4
Release Date: October 2015
RRP: £4.99
Ages: 11+
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