Hidden Destinies

ImageMichael hesitated, then said, “I feel a bit like the prince, as if I’m not in control of anything, like someone else put me in this chair, made my head the way it is and Bibi and father the way they are. I wonder if there’s a plot to life, like in a story, and we’re just doing what we have to do.

Image Title: Storyline
isbn: 978-1-908577-43-4
Release Date: October 2015
RRP: £4.99
Ages: 11+
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Michael’s face was a model of innocence and intensity. Having been ill since birth he had seen little of the world. Not that this followed absolutely. It was just that his father was too busy trying to make a literary agency work and his mother, unable to cope, had left them both soon after Michael was born. It was enough to turn a saint into a sinner, but Michael had a wonderful disposition. He never saw himself as suffering unduly. He admired his father who grafted hard for very little and felt only sadness that his mother had abandoned them both to fend for themselves. Michael’s attitude to his parents was not shared by his carer.

ImageIn his besieged palace, Prince Tigreus has a battle to fight. So too does a lonely writer’s daughter and a very special boy, the three of them entangled in ways they cannot understand. Who has written the storyline of their lives and what will be the outcome? Truth and fable clash in this unusual, demanding and moving tale.

Newsletter Issue 17 : Autumn 2015

He wanted to sweep her into his arms like some heroic knight, pull her up onto his white horse and carry her away to his grand, far distant palace, but all he could do was reach out to her with his heart.

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Revealed Destinies

ImageBrunt Boggart is a wonderfully poetic first novel by Liverpool based writer David Greygoose. A stunning work of sustained imagination for young and old. ISBN 978-1-908577-44-3. RRP £8.99. Planned release in e-formats late October 2015.

ImageErnest Simba has sold out. A reprint is still being considered but at present, if you want to read about brave Ernest’s exciting adventures, they are only available in e-book formats (Kindle and Epubs).
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The Strange Encounter of Sally Shakespeare and Toby Tinker
by Adam Rawlins

WINNER of the Lincolnshire Young People’s Best Book of The Year 2014. Read the results HERE .

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