A Wondrous Tapestry

ImageIn May 2015, Hawkwood Books is publishing its most ambitious title yet, an astonishing tour de force by Liverpool based poet, David Greygoose. Brunt Boggart is a beautiful, image-rich epic reaching deep into human history and folklore.

Image Title: Brunt Boggart
Author: David Greygoose
isbn: 978-1-908577-44-3
Release Date: May 2015
RRP: £8.99
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In his bones, David Greygoose understands the rhythms of great storytelling, with its incantations, repetitions, knowing asides and snappy dialogue, and he has a frankly marvellous ear for the music of language.
Kevin Crossley-Holland

Greygoose draws deeply on the riches of Britain’s folklore to conjure up dark and whimsical tales of an imagined village.
Emily Portman

Brunt Boggart is a skilfully crafted collection of timeless tales which connects the reader on a visceral level.
John Reppion

It tastes fabulously medieval, it smells uncanny, it looks like the roots of half-forgotten herbs, and it sounds like verbs of thunder and earth.
Jay Griffiths

ImageThe crow rose up and flapped about the room. Greychild and Ilania followed it out into the darkness, skimming across rooftops, flying along the course of the river until they set down in a field filled with girlen and boys-who-would-be-men dressed in tatters, dressed in rags, smeared about with daubs of mud, their hair gaudied all with feathers. They danced in silence, their heavy limbs dragging to the beat of a drummer who sat hunched under a dark crooked tree.

Newsletter Issue 16 : Spring 2015

The cottage had always been tidy and bright. The other wifen would come around and say Old Mother Tidgewallop’s was the neatest in all of Brunt Boggart. And they’d ruffle the hair of her tousle-maned son and watch as he played all out in the back yard.

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