A Boy Arrives

A Boy Arrives In October we are publishing this touching, funny story by Stephen Meek, A Boy Arrives with a wonderful cover by artist Sally Townsend. Longlisted for The Times/Chicken House Best Book Award in 2008.

A Boy Arrives
by Stephen Meek
ISBN 978-1-908577-33-7
Published October 2012
208pp £6.99


Lunch had been a splendid affair, and the warm afternoon sunshine was making Grimwood rather sleepy. Seated in a white chair on the patio, the ever-faithful Molesbury standing peacefully by as usual, he began to have pleasant daydreams about the new cook. She was only about ten years younger than himself, and rather pretty. Today she had made a salad complete with something called chicken tikka. Grimwood was unused to such exotica, and he idly wondered if it was the cook’s speciality or whether anyone else in the world knew how to make it. He rather fancied it could become popular, given the chance to reach a larger audience. He had finished eating over an hour ago, yet the taste seemed to remain with him, like the aftermath of a pleasant dream.

Newsletter Issue 12 : Autumn 2012

A Boy Arrives is being launched on October 25th at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel, Brayford Wharf, Lincoln in a joint venture with the University of Lincoln.

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