Act of Charity

by Aidan Rami

Life is precious, and the taking of it has terrible consequences. For those affected, it can mean a seismic shift of faith and understanding,

Set in the London Borough of Hackney with all its cross-cultural complexity, Act of Charity is a compelling and moving crime drama, sometimes shocking, sometimes touching, always gripping; a slow-burning thriller peopled by the best and worst of humanity.

Age Range: Adult
Size: 198mm x 129mm
Format: ‘B’ paperback
Pages: 368
Word Count: 146,000
Published: November 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9566342-1-4
RRP: UK £7.99

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She’d assumed that she was dealing with reason and conscience whereas what confronted her was an utterly alien absence of both.

  • Extract: Twinkling Lights of Hackney

    Extract: Twinkling Lights of Hackney

    Daniel Hart switched off the hands-free headset and focused on the road back to Clapton where he had to make a final call for the day. It was late, but he worked all the hours he could to keep the business growing. He’d phoned Kathryn but she wasn’t around which made him anxious, not so much that he couldn’t reach her now as that he hadn’t been able to reach her for weeks, emotionally rather than physically. Something was wrong and he wanted to help, but she’d been distant and that hurt him. He was, he knew, over-sensitive to rejection. This might well have been his Jewish background kicking in, he wasn’t sure, only he didn’t feel this was him; this was Kathryn, and because he loved her more than he thought it possible to love anyone and because she loved him just as much, they had to sort this out.

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Book dedications have always intrigued me, but so far I’ve never seen a website dedication. Perhaps this is the first. As it says in The Last Garden, “So special, so loved, so missed.” This little dedication is For Ana.