Strange Encounter

Cover Our current title has been longlisted for the Lincolnshire Young People’s Book Award 9-11 age range. To see the list and TO VOTE visit the Lincolshire Libraries site HERE. Thank you to all the people who have nominated the book.

Strange Encounter tells the story of two very different children, a bright, fortunate girl and a not so fortunate boy. In the most bizarre of places they form an unusual friendship, learning from each other and offering a rare kind of salvation.

The Strange Encounter of Sally Shakespeare and Toby Tinker
by Adam Rawlins
ISBN 978-1-908577-40-5
Published October 2013
208pp £6.99

A Boy Arrives
by Stephen Meek
ISBN 978-1-908577-33-7
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208pp £6.99

A Boy Arrives is a tale full of gentle humour and affection, long-listed in The Times/Chicken House Competition for Best Children’s Book, 2008.
I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see it on our television screens before too long. Review, The School Librarian, Autumn 2012
One of the funniest books I’ve ever read! William Shirras, impartial critic, aged 11
For capable readers who like to laugh.

Newsletter Issue 14 : November 2013

Sally couldn’t work him out. One moment he was sensible and focused, the next he was eating from a grubby pan that looked as if it harboured every disease under the sun.

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Future Encounter…

ImageOur next title is due to be released in Spring 2014. It is a touching story of a brave young boy raised in an East African orphanage. With little but his own courage and determination for company, he sets out on a magical adventure, facing fearsome enemies but also making memorable new friends.

Title: Ernest Simba
Author: Catherine Cowell
isbn: 978-1-908577-43-6
Release Date: May 2014

Star Games was reissued in mid-November 2012 with a sparkling new cover by artist Felix Leone. In the wake of the Olympics, this is a timely reminder about the nature of competition and the bonds of friendship.
isbn 978-1-908577-38-2

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