Byte, The Computer Mite

Little Peotry Willow wakes up to find a tiny creature sitting on the space bar of her computer, the inquisitive Byte who wants to witness life on The Outside, meet The Power and understand True Wisdom. [Ages 7+]

Byte, The Computer Mite
by Alec Rowley
ISBN 978-0-9566342-2-1

Published April 2012
208pp £6.99


The librarian carefully lifted Byte onto the top of the monitor. Byte looked down as the librarian turned the pages of the atlas, telling Byte what they were looking at. Had anyone seen her, they might have thought her rather odd, talking to herself like that, but she had always been considered a little eccentric.

She showed Byte the countries of the world, the continents, the oceans, the seas, the mountain ranges, the deserts and the big cities, the forests, the tundras, the Steppes, the islands, the wildernesses and the civilisations.

“Which country am I in?” Byte asked. “Is it the country of The Infant Playground?”

Newsletter Issue 11 : Spring 2012

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