Image We are gradually offering all our titles on various electronic platforms. To display them, we have a new DOT COM url. You can reach it by clicking the .COM icon either here or in the footer of any page. Titles are being prepared for Kindle, Kobo and Google E-Bookstore. Most of them are priced around £1.99 but platforms and taxes vary. However, they are all substantially less than the printed versions.

Kindle is Amazon’s best selling e-reader.
Kobo is a Canadian company offering a wide range of platforms.
Google E-Books will also offer various formats but isn’t yet serving the UK.

Like them or loathe them, they are probably here to stay. One wonders what Caxton would make of it all…

Newsletter Issue 9 : Autumn 2011

Out now, the first two stories in this unusual, thoughtful series about a kit that can build almost anything, even hope. The image above is our advertisement in the Autumn issue of The School Librarian.

Hawkwood Books is a small but defiantly hopeful publishing venture with a growing list of original fiction for a wide range of ages.

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New Directions

We have, I know, some loyal and generous followers. I hope they won’t mind this new direction towards adult fiction. Passionate and original, it’s a tale of human frailties set in the London Borough of Hackney, a hard-hitting story with a multitude of characters thrown into turmoil after a sudden, traumatic loss. Moving and disturbing, this is a powerful, memorable read.

Act of Charity by Aidan Rami ISBN 978-0-9566342-1-4
Published November 2011
358pp £7.99

Next Issue: Early 2012

Byte The Computer Mite

A curious little creature emerges from Peotry Willow’s computer to discover The Outside. A charming, funny and thought-provoking story for children by Alec Rowley.

Published April 2012