ImageThe Millennium Stones
by Graham Moyson

On Millennium Eve, Zoe and Davy buy five precious stones from a mysterious old woman. The stones, they are told, have hidden powers and must be cast into water at the stroke of midnight. So begins a series of riveting, enlightening and often dangerous adventures in time.

ILLUSTRATIONS for both featured books have been drawn by Hollie Allott, Image a final year student at the University of Lincoln majoring in Graphic Design. Image The Millennium Stones includes a number of her delightful images which help bring this challenging story to life.

Zoe pulled her arm back as far as she could and threw the pearl into the air. Image It flew from her hand and spun through a high arc, a tiny trail of light in a chaos of colour and noise. ImageThey watched it peak and fall, slowly at first but ever faster towards the water. Before it hit, they closed their eyes and there was a sudden, profound silence.
When they opened their eyes again, the world had changed.

The Millennium Stones
isbn 978-0-9555096-9-8

Released April 2nd 2011

Newsletter Issue 7 : Spring 2011

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ImageThe Fantastic Prismatic Construction Kit
by Sarah Lee Hope

Lisi Heller is next to own a Fantastic Construction Kit. Following the detailed instuctions, she builds an archway through which she sees a furious, frustrated little boy. Should she play safe and just watch, or shoud she make contact. Lisi’s eventful life is about to get even more interesting.

She sat at the table and opened the book he’d been reading. She was expecting fairy tales or stories, but it was a book about money. Well, this is what she thought at first, but in fact it was about making money, Imagenot like banks and all the kind of mysterious, boring stuff she heard about on television a hundred times a day, but actually how to make money, with metals and furnaces and things like that. What kind of head did this strange boy have to want to see how money was made?

The Fantastic Prismatic Construction Kit
ISBN 978-0-9566342-0-7

Published July 2nd 2011

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