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To all those who have bought our books and kept things going for four years, a big thank you together with good wishes for the holiday season and the new year. Keep the faith.

In this newsletters are outlines for the year 2011 including a historical action adventure and the next two books in the Fantastic Construction Kit series.

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Our Christmas book is a story about loss, love, hurt and healing. If you’d like something different when the festive season arrives, try this moving tale of Philip King and his extraordinary gift, a magical cabinet full of wonders, but decidedly picky in how it uses its power. When no present on Earth can make him happy again, it will take one not from Earth to do the trick.
The Fantastic Galactic Construction Kit
by Sarah Lee Hope
ISBN 978-0-9555096-8-1

When I was five,” said Nancy, “I got a second hand pair of socks, when I was six I got a second hand pair of gloves, seven a second hand doll, eight a rubbish second hand hat, nine another pair of socks and last year a second hand dress. I’m a second-hand girl, Philip.”
“But this is a first-hand tree, isn’t it? No one has ever had a present like this, not in the history of everything.”

Newsletter Issue 6 : Winter 2010

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The Millennium Stones
by Graham Moyson
On Millennium Eve, Zoe and Davy buy five precious stones from a mysterious old woman. The stones, they are told, have hidden powers and must be cast into water at the stroke of midnight. So begins a series of riveting, enlightening and often dangerous adventures in time.

Released April 2nd 2011
ISBN 978-0-9555096-9-8

The Fantastic Prismatic Construction Kit
by Sarah Lee Hope

Lisi Heller is next to own a Fantastic Construction Kit. She uses it to build an arch which transports her to meet someone famous, only neither of them know it…

Released July 22nd 2011
ISBN 978-0-9566342-0-7

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Not only this, but also…

The Fantastic Chromatic Construction Kit

The F.C.C. KitSarah’s third in the series. Louey and Jasmine clear the headmaster’s stock room but come across a strange package.
ISBN TBA. Published early 2012 – plan ahead, plan ahead…

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