The Fantastic Galactic Construction Kit
by Sarah Lee Hope

Published 10-10-10 !

“Philip, you have been left something very unusual, but you are bound by certain instructions herewith – forgive me – you are bound by certain rules. Are you listening?”
Philip was all ears, and so was his father.
“Well then, here they are.”

Christmas isn’t the same without his mum, and no present anyone can buy will make him happy again, or so thinks Philip King, until he receives the strangest of gifts in the strangest of ways; then he begins to think that perhaps his mother is still there, looking after him.

And perhaps he’s right…

Our Christmas book, and a fantastic one in every way, is a story about loss, love, hurt and healing. If you’d like something different when the festive season arrives (yes, it will arrive … again) try this moving tale of Philip King and his extraordinary gift, a magical cabinet full of wonders, but decidedly picky in how it uses its power. When no present on Earth can make him happy again, it will take one not from Earth to do the trick.

Sarah’s story is sensitive, colourful, in turns fast-moving and thoughtful, always captivating and, even in the midst of anarchic fantasy, both human and humorous. It is the first in a planned series, the next being The Fantastic Prismatic Construction Kit due out early 2011.

“The Kit” has another astonishing cover created by artist Ian Purdy, fine arts graduate of Lincon University. This is Ian’s fifth cover for Hawkwood Books and as eye-poppingly beautiful as the others.

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Newsletter Issue 5 : September 2010

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