Dinosaur Boy : Jan 24th 2010

Maxy and Dan find a mysteriously marked egg in the River Lea. They care for it in secret and wait for it to hatch. And it does! Our comes a helpless little creature, half dinosaur, half human. Who is he and why has he arrived on Earth? Dinosaur Boy is a charming, thoughtful and thrilling story for readers aged 9 and over.

How it begins…

It bobbed on the oily water, fragile and helpless. Reeds stroked it, silence caressed it, mystery surrounded it.
The two children knelt down for a closer look.
It was definitely an egg, but huge, floating about two feet below the edge of the grassy bank, just out of reach.
“Careful,” said Dan.
“Hold my legs,” said Maxy.
Dan knelt down behind his sister and gripped the back of her legs. Maxy, her dark, curly hair falling into inquisitive eyes stretched out, belly down, inching forward, willing the egg into her hands.
“Got it!”

The Cover

The atmospheric cover for Dinosaur Boy was created by artist Ian Purdy. Ian has a degree in Fine Arts from Lincon University. This is his fourth cover for Hawkwood Books.
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Dinosaur Boy is published January 24th 2010

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British Council

We were delighted to receive an order from the British Council in Portugal.

Newsletter Issue 3 : January 2010

Train Ghost Review

This book reveived a fabulous review in the latest School Librarian. You can read it on the website HERE or scroll through it here:

[Click HERE to read this wonderful review of Train Ghost]


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Train Ghost     97809555096-3-6 £6.99
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Dinosaur Boy    97809555096-7-4 £6.99

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Book Launch

On July 11th 2009, Piccadilly Mitzie was launched at the Drill Hall, Lincoln. This was a well attended event with fantastic performances from pupils at St. Francis Special School, Lincoln. Here are some photographs of the event:

The performers were all autistic but rendered and played their composed music beautifully.


St. Francis’s Community School is a remarkable school with children dealing with a range of learning and physical diffiuclties. Reviews from some of pupils are included on this site.


Move over Colin Firth…


The Drill Hall is a relatively new arts venue in Lincoln. Situated in the Culural Quarter of Lincoln, well worth a visit.


Patron of the Arts

Hawkwood Books has received a substantial financial gift from a source wishing to remain anonymous. This was gratefully received and will be put to good use. Many thanks.

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