This title was released in January. It’s a hard-hitting, bizarre story of a fallen society run by the young. This book is aimed at the teenage and young adult market rather than younger readers. You can get a flavour of the story on our website or on You Tube, along with extracts from other titles.

The discussion ebbed and flowed and very little would have distracted them. However, they couldn’t fail to react when, during a heated exchange, the lights suddenly went out completely and the two doors offering access to the room locked shut with a distinctly menacing click.


Mitzie lives at an ordinary station on the London Underground, but she is no ordinary mouse – she can read Tunneller writing. Intrigued by so many mysterious station names she sets out on a journey that will change Tubeworld forever.

Piccadilly Mitzie is an exciting and thoughtful story for chldren aged 8 and over.

Published July 11th 2009

As with all our titles, you can get a very good feel for the story at our website or from the YouTube readings. You can jump to our own website page by clicking on the cover image to the left.

There was a mouse in my station named Scarab. Scarab was a mean mouse. I like to think good things of mice in general, that our nastier sides are balanced by our better sides, but Scarab was vicious through and through. I can’t make excuses for him, whether he had a hard life or bad parents, it doesn’t matter, he was just bad and he decided to take his badness out on me.

Issue 2 : March 2009

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Star Games      97809555096-0-5 £5.99
The Last Garden 97809555096-1-2 £6.99
The Secret      97809555096-2-9 £5.99
Train Ghost     97809555096-3-6 £6.99
Miracle Girl    97809555096-4-3 £5.99
Cool World      97809555096-5-0 £6.99
Picc. Mitzie    97809555096-6-7 £6.99

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More reading are now available on You Tube. They bring the books to life and show how marvellous it is to have stories
read aloud. Thanks to all those who helped. Here are the current extracts:

Piccadilly Mitzie
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Cool World
The Compound
Mree and Joshwa
Retro House

The Secret
Body in the Bushes
Mother and Daughter
The First Photograph

Train Ghost
The Empty Carriage
Emmy Fairchild
First Meetings

Star Games
The Invitation
The Draw

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Book dedications have always intrigued me, but so far I’ve never seen a website dedication. Perhaps this is the first. As it says in The Last Garden, “So special, so loved, so missed.” This little dedication is For Ana.